The Freedom Bus rolled into Florida on January 20th only to discover that our Tallahassee events were cancelled. It seems the state office of Vocational Rehabilitation, the primary organizer, pulled out at the last minute because they felt that the Road To Freedom Tour was too focused on advocacy???!!! Not sure what exactly the problem was… Supporting a strong ADA? Calling for compliance and fair enforcement of the ADA? Just to be clear: our efforts to promote and strengthen the ADA are nonpolitical and nonpartisan.

NCDR steering committee member, Doug Towne informed us that he had been in touch with the Governor’s office to see what had happened. It seems they want us to come back and put something together. The Florida SILC and Tallahassee CIL expressed their concern about what happened and really want us to come back for an event.

In fairness to all, folks here had short notice and the holiday season to deal with as we tried to put a bus stop together — not that we want to excuse anyone for trying to stifle efforts to create a strong ADA. (I will be posting in my personal blog my thoughts regarding the advocacy constraints put on nonprofits and how it adds to an unfair playing field favoring special interests with the big bucks! — JPW)  We will get together with the SILC, CIL, P&A, and other organizations to plan another stop when we can schedule it.

The extra time is not going to waste. There is plenty of work to do and we are looking forward to our next stop in Orlando, Florida.