Road to Freedom Bus Tour

By Alden Downing
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HELENA – Keeping the promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act. That’s what Jim Ward and Tom Olin hope to accomplish through their nationwide Road to Freedom Bus Tour.

The bus rolled into Helena Wednesday afternoon, aiming to educate Montanans of the obstacles still facing Americans with physical and psychological disabilities. 

“The purpose of the Road to Freedom tour is three-fold,” explained Jim Ward, President of the National Coalition of Disability Rights. “The first is to make Americans aware of the compelling history, the people’s movement that led to the passage of the ADA in 1990. The second part is, despite this movement, the ADA has been significantly weakened in the courts in recent years. And the third purpose is to mobilize America to urge Congress to pass an ADA Restoration Act to get the law back to what it was intended to be, when it was passed.”

Advocates say states have failed to follow through on the 1990 Congressional Act that promised to provide equal access to people with disabilities.