Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

By Greg Livadas

(Rochester, New York) – A mobile display chronicling the struggles of disabled people and the Americans with Disabilities Act rolled into Rochester today.

Visitors to the Center for Disability Rights on State Street were also encouraged to sign a petition to have Congress pass the ADA Restoration Act, which would include more people for ADA coverage.

“The ADA is a living, breathing grass roots movement,” said Jim Ward with the Road to Freedom bus tour. “This tour isn’t about disability. It’s about humanity and how the world’s wealthiest nation doesn’t deal with its own humanity.”

CDR’s Executive Director Bruce Darling said critical issues for equal access are education, transportation, housing and employment. Unemployment among the disabled is 70 percent, he said.

“We have a lot of work to do,” he said. “Even now, the right to vote privately and independently are things we struggle for.”

Local dignitaries attended a press conference at the center.

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